Cardboard tube

A cardboard tube is a versatile and inexpensive packaging that gives a product a unique look. The cardboard tube is loved by manufacturers of various products.

Cardboard tube

These are alcoholic, confectionery, grocery, perfumery and souvenir products. Any product packed in a cardboard tube immediately takes on a festive look. A cardboard tube made of ordinary goods is able to make a beautiful, bright and memorable gift.

Cardboard tubes

Naturally, this allows you to sell the goods at a higher price, and during the holidays the demand for such goods grows at times. The goods packed with a cardboard tube immediately catches the eye and is remembered for a long time by the buyer, because few people can indifferently walk past the goods in a beautifully prominent package.

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The advantages of using a cardboard tube are obvious:

  • ⭐ Cardboard tube is an inexpensive packaging
  • ⭐ Packaged with a cardboard tube, the product looks high quality and non-standard
  • ⭐ The cardboard tube allows you to pack any products (food and non-food)
  • ⭐ The cardboard tube is a good packaging for premium alcoholic beverages
  • ⭐ Tea or coffee packed using a cardboard tube will have a spectacular and attractive look
  • ⭐ Cardboard tube perfect packaging for New Year's gifts, sweets, sweets
  • ⭐ Cardboard tube is the most convenient packaging for cosmetics and sets

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And with the help of flexo printing on a cardboard tube, you can apply almost any picture or logo and create a unique packaging for your product.