Application of cardboard cores (sleeves)

Cardboard sleeve (spool, sleeve,) is traditionally used for winding various roll materials, as well as a cylindrical container for packaging loose and food and non-food products.

  • ⭐ Winding of polymer roll materials: all kinds of single-layer and multi-layer films, etc.
  • ⭐ Winding of textile roll materials: fabrics and nonwovens, threads, fibers, yarns, etc.
  • ⭐ Winding of pulp and paper roll materials: offset paper, sack paper, roll cardboard, parchment and imitation parchment, laminated paper, toilet paper, fax and printer paper, self-adhesive labels, etc.
  • ⭐ Winding of construction and technical roll materials: vapor barrier, roofing material, construction mesh, sandpaper, insulating tape, linoleum, etc.
  • ⭐ Winding of packaging materials: packaging adhesive tapes, double-sided adhesive tapes, PP packaging tapes, PET packaging tapes, polymer and paper twine, stretch film, foil, bags, etc.
  • ⭐ Cylindrical containers (tubes): salt, spices, chips, alcoholic beverages, chemical mixtures, washing and cleaning powders, tubes for printing products, etc.

 We produce cardboard cores (sleeves) in following dimensions

Int. diameter 12-280 mm.
Wall thickness 1-18 mm
Length 20-6000 mm

Materials used for the manufacture of cardboard packaging

Depending on the consumer qualities of the cardboard cores (sleeves, spools, bushings, cartridges), various types of cardboard and paper are used in their manufacture. 

The spiral winding technology and the use of special composite adhesives and adhesive mixtures give the products special strength, even with relatively small wall thicknesses. Manufacturing of cardboard sleeves is carried out under strict quality control.

Additional features of cardboard products

  • ⭐ Production of cardboard cores (sleeves, spools, bushings, cartridges) and tubes with printing on the outer and inner surfaces (all kinds of colors - both monotonous and spiral-dynamic).
  • ⭐ Production of cardboard cores (sleeves, spools, bushings, cartridges) and tubes with the customer's logo.
  • ⭐ Production of moisture resistant and laminated cardboard cores (sleeves, spools, bushings, cartridges) and tubes.
  • ⭐ Roll-to-roll printing.

Press about TC KORES-PLUS Ltd. cardboard products 

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